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The Why I Love Jesus: Sharing My Faith Story ministry offers age appropriate workshops and retreats for adults, teens, youth, and children. The workshops for young people fit conveniently into a Sunday School, VBS, or Youth Group timeslot. Adults have a choice between an introductory program with some writing and sharing, or a half-day retreat with worship, writing, sharing, and a meal. ALL workshop participants are invited to publish their faith stories on this website. For questions about program costs, or to schedule a workshop, complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Sharing My Faith Story Workshops for All Ages

For Questions, please contact Nancy Carol Willis here.


Introduction to Sharing My Faith Story

60 – 75 minutes | 12 – 20 participants

Designed for conference program formats with limited time, this workshop presents an overview of the process. Participants will begin the process of writing and sharing parts of their faith stories.


Sharing My Faith Story Retreat

3 hours + light lunch | 12 – 20 participants

This workshop is designed as a half-day immersion retreat, with worship, singing, scripture, and lunch. Participants will write their faith stories in three easy steps, and then practice sharing their stories with a partner. The goal is to complete a rough draft of their faith stories and to gain confidence sharing them. Free professional editing services are included. Participants that complete and publish their stories on this website will receive a free membership in the Why I Love Jesus: Sharing My Faith Story ministry. The church, or host organization, will have the option to purchase a binder with a collection of participant faith stories printed on decorative stationery.

High School

Why I Love Jesus for Young Adults

60 minutes | 12 teens plus two adult helpers

Today’s teens are crazy busy with schoolwork, friends, social media, enrichment activities, and college or vocational prep. Underneath all of the busyness lies the fundamental question teenagers ask: “Why am I here?” A relationship with Jesus lays the foundation for the answer. Just like Jesus, teens are created for service. Through activities and games, this workshop focuses teens on how they experience the love of Jesus and practical ways they can serve others.

Elementary School

Why I Love Jesus for Children

30 – 45 minutes | 12 children plus two adult helpers

“Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so,” says the popular song. Children with Sunday School or Vacation Bible School experience know that Jesus loves them. They love talking about the ways Jesus shows his love for them, and how they can show their love for Jesus. After a short group discussion where ideas are noted on a flip chart, children will draw a picture and add brief text..

Middle School

Why I Love Jesus for Youth

45 – 60 minutes | 12 youth plus two adult helpers

Middle school-aged youth are facing a critical stage in their physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Acceptance and belonging best occur in an atmosphere that is fun and friendly. This workshop focuses on sharing how they have experienced the love of Jesus and shown that love to others. Then, participants will collaborate on designing and decorating a paper mural based upon the discussion.

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