Mark Weaber

I grew up in a good family. We moved just before I turned age seven and began attending an Episcopal church just up the street. Neighbors introduced us to a Bethel Baptist church, and Mom began taking us there when I was eight. Mom had become saved when she was age twelve. The neighbors witnessed to Dad, and he became saved when I was age nine.

I accepted Jesus in Bible School following the 7th grade and was baptized. I remained active in Bethel until I got married and moved out of the area. We didn’t find a new church where we lived. Three years later we moved into our first house in Cecil County,
Maryland. A woman stopped by while my wife was raking leaves and invited us to Grace Bible Chapel. We began attending in October 1976 and remained active for the next 46 years.

I began teaching adult Sunday school, and my faith, knowledge, and interest in creation and prophesy grew as I studied, taught, and read.

The truth of Scripture was proven by the existence of Israel and the Jewish people. Also, as I studied geology, the geologic column, and the Theory of Evolution, I saw that truth is only found in the Biblical account of Creation and The Flood. What we were taught in school was in error, and God’s Word
is truth.

Both of my parents were a blessing. I have missed my Dad since April of 2003, when he went home to be with the Lord. I have missed Mom since 2017, when she joined Dad with our Lord awaiting the bodily resurection at the Rapture.

Our three children have been blessings, and my prayer on their marriages was for each grandchild to be saved as are their parents.

In 2004 each of my children was expecting their first child. On her
birthday, my daughter delivered a beautiful, full-term little boy, whom our Lord kept
because of a wrapped umbilical cord. I believe God spared our beloved Brandon some
great tragedy or hell. He later blessed my daughter with three more children. We now
have eight grandchildren, and my prayer is for all of us to one day be reunited in God’s

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Brandon Robinson

Brandon Robinson

I remember being in church and going up to the altar and crying. I was so tired of the life I was living. I needed help. I felt a sense of peace at that time and knew that if this Jesus thing can work for some of these other guys, then it can definitely work for me.