Kantono Rinnet

My name is Kantono Rinnet, and I am 12 years old.

I was age eight when my parents died in 2018. Relatives began mistreating me by forcing me to carry a 20-liter Jerry can to fetch water from long distances. I also collected firewood every day and did the cooking food for a big family.

I was abused physically and mentally when I was denied access to education as my age mates were attending schools. As for me, I was home doing all domestic works when I was only nine years old. This forced me onto the streets of Uganda in a village called Bugembe. I used to beg people to get food to eat.

That is where I first met Ms. Namusobya of the God’s Mercy Orphanage Home. I thank God that she gave me new clothes and also brought me food and drinks.

I went back to the street where I used to beg. A week after, very early in the morning (I remember it was 3rd/ February/2019), my life was saved by this kind and loving lady.

I thank God each and every day for bringing such a beautiful Angel into my life. Now I have started school, I get better treatment, we eat on time, we sleep well.

Thank you, Jesus.

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