Kanjeru Booth Girls High School of Excellence

In June 2023 the Why I Love Jesus team traveled to Kenya to lead faith sharing workshops for 625 high school girls. We have included about 75 amazing faith story excerpts and drawings, along with a few videos and photos of the experience. Enjoy!

My vision in future is to be an interior designer. Jesus will help me because faith in Jesus can help me in every step I make to my future. He will be there because of my strong belief in him. As he said, let all the children come to me, meaning that I am a child of God and he will be there for me to attain my future. He will be there to help me assist my parents.

Caroline O. 1B

After accepting Jesus Christ and having faith in him, I prayed for my brother and encouraged him to accept Jesus Christ as his personal saviour. My brother trusted me and knew that everything I would say to him is true. He accepted and we went to church. He was baptized and born again. He changed his bad characters, stopped abusing drugs, and became one of the choir leaders in church.

Mercy M. 1B

I was back at home I used to cry all day. My sister who was really committed to God encouraged me to start praying to God. I decided to listen. Every single day I would read the bible and pray. Finally God heard my prayers. I was offered a sponsorship for four years and also for university. At that time I knew God was my helper.

Martha N. 1B

Knowing Jesus has helped me a lot because I understand even if my friends betray me, Jesus will never betray or forsake me. He will be with me until I die. Reading about his story encourages me a lot, and when my friends lose hope I can encourage them.

Grace W, Form 3K

I never believed there is a God in heaven who does miracles. I was not interested in going to church because of the struggles I went through. I felt as if the world has neglected me. My parents, grandparents had denied me. I had no one to help me. Still the Lord was not there for me. So I don’t so much believe in God. What I went through in life made me lack faith in God. Since I came to Kanjeru, I started to attend the C.U. (Christian Union). When I listen to the sermon given I feel something from the deep down of my heart telling me there is a God. But I only accept it at that time. When I get out of there I don’t have enough faith to confess that Jesus is Lord.

Emily W. Form 3K

Knowing Jesus has helped me overcome situations in life and I’ve learnt to love others and to appreciate everything. I didn’t value myself as much a few years ago and it made me wonder what my purpose was. But now I’ve learnt to take it step by step, day by day.

Ruth W. Form 3K

Knowing Jesus has helped me in knowing between good and bad choices. Sometimes at home things get tough. Most of the time we lack enough money to sustain us, my parent lack a job, we get chased from school due to school fees. Sometimes as a family we get outcast, but I always thank God for my caring mom. She gets us back together and prays and encourages us to believe in Jesus. One thing she says is: “God has a purpose for everything.” I thank Jesus for giving me a special talent, creative writing. I love writing books that entertain, especially teenage books. I am hoping that in a few days to come, I will be the youngest writer. My prayer is that God will see me through and help me.

Irene N. Form 3K

Knowing Jesus has helped me in forgiving people whenever they have wronged me. It has helped me live peaceful and having good moral values such as love, honesty and integrity. With Jesus I can do all things and excel on my examinations.

Mercy W. Form 1K

Knowing Jesus has helped me especially in making friends. Back then it was hard for me because when I try to make friends, they tell me I am bad. It has also helped me academically, and I know he will keep on being with me in every step I make.

Shyrose A. Form 1K

My mother stayed at the hospital for six good days. But I had faith that she will come back. I had faith in God and I was praying for those six days. I love Jesus as my personal saviour because he healed my mother. Right now as I am speaking my mother is at home and she is healthy. My mother was a pastor in P.C.E.A. Githima Church. She taught me about Jesus when I was a small girl. That is why I love Jesus and have faith in him too.

Peace M. Form 1K

I believe Jesus because he did for me miracles. When I did my K.C.P.E. (exam upon leaving primary school), my parents did not have money for me to join high school. Every day I would cry for the Lord to remember my parents to have money. But I would understand because our background is not that good. I had faith that God would help me to join high school, no matter a day school or a boarding school. Now I am in Kanjeru Booth School – God’s miracle.

Annastacia W. K. Form 1K

My parents had a perfect life for them. But something big came and had to destroy everything. My parents are really suffering to get a job and it’s all because of Corona. My mom takes care of her mom when she needs something and even have to take care of us. My dad gets drunk whenever he gets the money. So the pain that my mom gets is not that easy to think about because she goes inside her bedroom and starts crying. They say that Jesus is around but I still don’t believe that because my mom is still in pain and Jesus does not chill her out. No money, no improvement in my studies and I do read. My mom doesn’t know that I don’t believe.

Josephine W. Form 2G

My family did not like going to church. One day a spirit of God spoke to me and I decided to tell my family that it is good to go to church and have faith in God. He is the one who made us to see this day. He is the one who guides for us from having accidents. We should thank him and have faith in him and trust him. Believe in him and everything tis possible with God. He shall fulfill your desires and petitions.

Cynthia M. Form 2G

The spirit of Jesus came to me and told me do not lose hope in life. Have faith that you will go to school. I started having a belief of something. I started going to church praising the Lord and fasting. I didn’t know Jesus before because I didn’t believe in him. Jesus protected me and took me as his daughter.

Mary M. M. Form 1P

I found my life hard without God. One Sunday, when the preacher asked if there was a person who would like to be born again, I moved as fast as lightning to receive Jesus as personal saviour. By knowing Jesus it has helped my life in overcoming temptation, living a holy life with others and also distributing the will of God to others. I have shared my story in life with many students.

Jessicah N. Form 1P

Knowing Jesus has made me understand that the Lord answers my prayers through patience. It has helped me guide my sister and inform her that there is a Lord who lives, but he is a supreme being. I see his blessings in me. And him working in my heart.

Muya Mitchelle W. Form 1P

Knowing Jesus has helped me so much. I have come to realize that I really am something and worth a lot. Knowing Jesus has helped me to get really close with my parent and realize that she really loves me and proud to have me. Also realized that I am here with a purpose and I can change anyone’s life just as he has changed mine.

Mary W. Form 4G

Knowing Jesus gives me hope that my tomorrow must be greater than today. Despite all the challenges of life, being sent home for school fees, coming back after one month, I still believe that Jesus will surely make a way. Each and every day I assure myself that all of these challenges I’m going through will one day be my testimony that I have seen Jesus manifest in my life in a big way. Knowing Jesus strengthens me and gives me courage to overcome each and everything that comes my way.

Elizabeth M. Form 4G

Knowing Jesus I have gained more confidence when dealing with life challenges. I have learnt how worthy I am before the eyes of the Lord and I cannot be shaken by anything in life. Through knowing Jesus I have gained total trust in myself and gained more courage.

Michelle M. Form 4G

My life history has been good even though sometimes it is full of challenges which makes me feel like I am alone in this life. But my spiritual mentor who is actually my mother always gives me hope by telling me that in everything I am going through God knows me. She always quotes a verse which I love the most from the book of Jeremiah 11:29 that says, For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for evil.

Margaret W. M. Form 4G

God is the one who lifts me up when I am down, God is the one who shows me the right path, God is the one who protects me and my family, God is the one who helps me to overcome all the challenges in life. When I grow up I would like to be a doctor because I love helping people. God is the one who tells us to help those who are in need. That’s why I want to be a doctor so that I would travel over the world healing people and teaching people more about God and how he loves his people and cares for them all the days of their lives.

Grace N. Form 1G

Knowing Jesus has helped me to build my faith in God. It has helped me to overcome all the fears I have. It has helped me to know how much he truly loves us and he was ready to sacrifice himself on the cross to show us how he loves us. To know Jesus has helped me to know truly who I am and what I came to do in this universe. I never knew myself before I came to know Jesus Christ. I’m glad to know Jesus because my life changed.

Susan M. From 1G

I know Jesus will help me to become a better person, to help the needing. In my heart I know Jesus is always on my side. He will give me eternal life. I love Jesus because he give his life for me, he died on the cross for me. I want to thank Jesus for everything. My heart tells me that Jesus is powerful as anything. I am also training myself how to spread the gospel. Jesus want us to spread the gospel.

Ashley N. M. Form 1G

Knowing Jesus is one of the best things that I have experiences in my life. I do go through a lot of challenges in this life. But I feel relieved when I go before God in prayers. Every time I remember that Jesus died for my wrong doings, I love him even more. Now I can preach good news and testify how Jesus love me and the things I have seen Jesus doing over my life.

Veronicah K. Form 2K

My relationship with God has grown to something amazing. Having faith and hope for life and trusting God’s plans for me was not easy, especially during 2021-2022. But God was faithful and he brought good friends who encouraged me and helped me focus on God’s will over my day. Being in Kanjeru Girls has helped me in becoming more social. Meeting girls of my age who love Jesus the same way I do has opened me up and I can say that I am becoming a “social butterfly.”

Rehema W. Form 2K

I have been living with my single mum, struggling with life. We have been through a lot and even all those stuffs happened I still appreciate to God that I have a very humble and caring mother. When I had done my final examination in Primary which determined what kind of high school I could go to and got very bad grades, I felt like giving up. I was scared. I was so ashamed of myself. Finally, I sat down and thought of myself and Jesus my friend. I started believing in him and that is when I knew that Jesus is my personal saviour. “Pray, pray until something happens.”

Shanti A. Form 1H

My mother is 33 years old and she is a hustler (works hard every single day). I am proud of that work which God has given her because she tries to fulfill our basic needs even if she is struggling. I am a strong believer in Christ because I have seen his hand in my life even if I have never seen him with my naked eyes. I know Jesus as my personal saviour who died because of my sins and he accepted to be punished because of me so that I live in peace.

Abigail M. W. Form 1H

I was newly born again when I joined Form 1 in Kanjeru. I have learned to pray, praising in front of people without fearing, and even preaching the word of God. After finishing my studies I want to be a doctor. I pray to God daily to help me study hard and hard so that I could go to university and achieve my dreams. I saw many people suffering of diseases and they do not have the money for treatment. I will treat them without payment.

Esther N. W. Form 1H

I am a teacher at my church. I teach Sunday school children how to sing and dance. I am also in a department called Protocol. We serve the church ministries juice and all that kind of stuff. I am also a member of the praise and worship team at church. I love singing for Jesus.

Faith W. Form 4K

My family’s first priority is God in everything. We start with God in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. I do go to Church because that’s the place I feel to have a big moment with my maker, and nobody else to come in between me and God. God gave me a second chance of life and that’s why I’m alive today to give Him what he likes most, and that is Worship and Praise.

Stella W. M. Form 4K

I remember the day I got saved, I thought that all of my troubles will come to an end. I thought that no challenge will come on my way. But in my surprise, challenges and temptations increased. I almost lost my trust in God, but my mother told me that God gives us or allows temptations to come on our way so that He can test our faith upon Him. Every time I feel like loosing hope in God, I always remember these words, then I read the bible which encourages me even more.

Emily M. From 4K

I did not have a lot of knowledge about Jesus but when I stayed in church I got the actual idea of who Jesus is in my life. Jesus is all I need in life, my studies, my health, and most important he is my saviour. I get encouraged that I have a friend who cannot forsake me. He is always on my side in times of sorrow and joy and wipes my tears away.

Lucy K. Form 3G

Knowing Jesus help me by building my faith. When we attend C.U. (Christian Union) and the morning devotions I usually feel so relaxed. When we are at home with my family we usually have a night devotion where before we go to sleep we gather and sing and pray. Then we encourage each other and then we leave each other and go to sleep. When we do that I always feel like a burden has been removed off my back.

Sharleen M. S. Form 3G

I am the firstborn in a family of three children and I love my family so much that I pray for them and have great Faith in God that He is going to shower me and family with blessings and open the doors of heaven to us. I have learned that Jesus loves me and wants me to turn away from sins and follow him. With Jesus in my life everything that is impossible for humankind is possible for Jesus and there is nothing He cannot do and nothing He cannot change. I would like to study hard and work smarter and Jesus to bless my studies and the work of my hands so that I can achieve my vision of becoming a surgeon and studying at the Oxford University abroad.

Faith N. K. Form 3G

My life is not simple nor smooth. It is full of challenges, temptations and a lot of discourages. But knowing Jesus has helped me in a way that I am able to face them courageously. Through his word, The Bible, I am able to face them and it also encourages me that God is always watching and when I call upon him, he will help. Sometimes, I feel like he is ignoring my prayers, but he always comes when I need him the most. He is never late.

Mary W. N Form 3G

My life before Kanjeru was very sad because when we were at home my father was a drunker. He liked drinking alcohol. He didn’t want us to go to church. When we tell him to go to church he says he is ill. He likes fighting so much sometimes we do not eat at home. He abuses us so much. All of that I know God will change him. My vision is to change my family to many problems and to ensure my father is going to church and praising God.

Immaculate W. M. Form 1S

My mom and dad are separate for now. They had an argument between themselves and my mom was being beaten in the house and we didn’t know what to do with my brother and sister. When it seemed worse we went to church and prayed, cried to the Lord Jesus to open doors. My mom really cried because of the pain in her body. From there my mum introduced Jesus to us. She preached to us there in church and we got to know Christ better. Now, God is my personal saviour and without him I don’t know where I could be. Knowing Jesus has helped me stand tall and face the world like never before. I will keep climbing and never give up.

Victoria N. M. Form 1S

I am a 14 year old girl from a poor family. My dad is a mechanic and my mum is a retired teacher. I used to blame God for the struggles we had at home. My family was about to break down. I used to feel like I was the main reason since I was the last born.

I never knew Jesus as a comfort zone and a friend. Before being saved I usually went to church to please my parents. I never had the desire to get to know Jesus.

For some reason on April of 2021 I got the courage and opened up to my mom before we left for the church service. We talked and for the first time in three years I felt my mother’s love again. We went to church and I sat on the front bench for the first time.

Till this day I remember Rev. Jonnah talking about God’s love. It touched my heart but I still didn’t think that God’s love was going to change my life.
I also had a talk with my uncle who is a pastor and he told me his life changed after he accepted God’s love.

That’s the day I took God’s love and accepted Jesus as my saviour. Things haven’t been easy but I still have God’s love held on tight.

Jazminne M. N. Form 1S

I was born in Kisumu. We came to live in a place called Gathiga. We lived a very hard life when we came here. In the past we didn’t have anything to eat. We were kicked out from the place where we used to live. My parents had to struggle to find a place for us to stay. There was a time I almost killed myself because I had lost faith in God. I asked myself why did God choose us to suffer like this. But then I remembered where I came from and if it wasn’t for God we wouldn’t be here today.

Daniella 1B

When we went to church I got born again and my life runs smoothly. I thanked God very much because I got a sponsor who paid all of my school fees. I remained in school for the whole term thanking and accepting Jesus as my personal saviour. On the end term exam I received a badge for I was the third overall best in all Form Ones. My sponsor was overjoyed and he promised to keep on standing with me. My vision is to be a helper in the future who will help those who don’t have school fees.

Emmah O. 1B

It has helped me even to be a Christian Union member and to preach to my fellow students. And I improved in my exams and became top in all Form Ones. Being with Jesus Christ has really changed my life and changed my behavior. My vision is to be a pastor and be a leader in my life and I pray that Jesus will help me achieve my goals.

Hope W. 1B

Some Sundays I just go to church not knowing the true reason why I had to go to church. My big brother is a pastor. He is the one who encouraged my faith.

I joined Kanjeru School in 2021. I was so excited to be in this school. Then I met this friend of mine who was so into Jesus. I was like, whatever, why do I really need Jesus, for what reason? So this friend of mine told me the only friend that you can have here on earth is Jesus. So this left me wondering and I had lots of questions in mind. Do I love Jesus? Why do I go to church? Why do I need Jesus? So this captured my attention a lot.

One Sunday I was feeling so tired and I did not want to go to church. I just woke up and dressed up and went to church. I sat down at the corner. I felt like there was something telling me that you really need to love Jesus. So I moved to the first row at church. I prayed and prayed, I spoke in tongues and that never happened before. The pastor preached a sermon about “giving your life to Christ.” This sermon encouraged me a lot. Then thirty minutes before time he asked who wants to be born again. I did not stand, then he asked again. I told myself that I really do have to accept Christ. I went, I bowed down, he prayed, and when I rose up there was my brother. He hugged me and I did not know what happened but I began to cry. Knowing Jesus and accepting him in life has been good.

Faith W. K. Form 3K

My father and mother don’t have a good relationship but we all live together. The trauma hurts but I still live with them because I am young and don’t know what will happen next. I go to church but mostly I have to wait for my mom to get prepared. When time reaches to leave it’s already late and we just need to stay at home or go for lunch and that’s how our Sunday ends. I know Jesus in my head and I have accepted him but sometimes I have a lot of questions about how he works with miracles or even how he exists. At school the Christian Unions have really helped me get close to God and know how to pray better. We have also been reading the bible and that has helped me to know the bible as a close friend to me.

Precious W. Form 3K

My life before Kanjeru was difficult. I had no friends. My parents abandoned me along with my brother. I have a mum but she is alcoholic. Whenever I visit her she always shows signs of hatred towards me. She even injured me without any reason. I live with both my grandparents. They at least make me not lonely. But I rather spend time alone both at home and school because I don’t find much love from my friends and family members. Sometimes I feel that God is not real because I hear lots of people saying that God saves, protects, understands, but I have never seen anything happening to my life. I pray but He never answers. I cry almost every night hoping He could change my mother’s attitude but no signs. If God is really real He could not let everyone to pass through pain.

Elizabeth W. Form 3K

I knew Jesus when I was a little girl but I came to understand God when I was growing up. I am born in church and grew up in church. When I was in class eight I had hoped to get good marks in K.C.P.E. (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education), but when I saw the results I was very discouraged. My parents spoke to me and told me the bible verse of Jeremiah 29:11, that Jesus has good plans in my life.

Ruth M. Form 1K

Temptations started falling upon me when I had made a decision of not going to church. A strong feeling touched me when I was alone in the house and started praying. Since then all of the temptations were gone and I really believed that it was the hand of Jesus Christ that touched me.

Faith I. Form 1K

I always go to mosque but I know Jesus and at the same time I know Allah and we knowingly believe in one God. I know Jesus as the saviour and Allah too. I learnt Jesus as a wonderful God in Kanjeru Girls School and really appreciated it so much.

Ifrah H. Form 1K

My father went away when I was still a child. Last year my grandpa died followed by my favorite auntie. And last year my mum and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors discovered she was expecting but the baby was not in the rightful place. It had grown into the fallopian tube. My mum was operated the child was removed. It came a point I saw mum lying in a chair. I started crying, asking God a lot of questions. Mum used to be strong in front of me. She feared to leave her only child. She was again rushed to the hospital because her wound opened. She was treated and went back home. On October 18, 2022 mum’s greatest fear came to pass. Mum is now in heaven with my grandpa. Now I live with my grandmother. At first I stopped believing in God. Why did he take all of my favorite people away from me? When I arrived at Kanjeru all of my doubt about God changed a lot. I found friend who encourages me with bible verse.

Rebecca O. Form 2G

My life story is actually very complicated because I come from a family where our relatives don’t like us simply because my mum is from another tribe. I would say that mine is a journey of faith because my mum would always say that faith without action is dead. At first I did not fully understand the meaning of faith. When I was 12 years old my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was when I remembered what mum had told me about faith. I prayed to God and prayed that he would heal my mum. I did not know how but all I knew was that things were going to get better. I told my dad not to worry because God had everything under control. My mum went for surgery and managed it well and by God’s grace the surgery was successful.

Victoria W. N. Form 2G

My family did not believe in Jesus. They used to say that Jesus was not there. One day while I was being sent to the market by my mother I heard one of the pastors preaching about the coming of Jesus. I imagined that when Jesus comes I will go to hell, and so I decided to follow Jesus. I went home and explained to my mother and she was very pleased. The following Sunday we all went to church and decided to live a Christian life.

Ivone M. M. Form 1P

I am from Mathare slums, I live with my dad only. Life has been so hard because dad was struggling so much even to put food on the table. Because of all the struggles, my brother joined a bad gang and started smoking bhang (cannabis). I lost hope and felt like committing suicide. On March 2022, my dad started feeling unwell and was taken to the hospital, where he was told he was poisoned. From that day I started going to church. I prayed for my dad, and his surgery was successful. I love God because he saved my dad and healed him. Secondly, Jesus died on the cross because of my sins and thirdly, because he helped me overcome the challenges.

Phionah N. Form 1P

I was in primary school. I was failing my exams and I was asking myself why am I the only one failing the exam. When I was going on failing I lost hope, but my dad told me about Jesus. He also told me to have faith in my life and have faith in my exam and believe that Jesus will help me. I passed my last exam and was happy about that. I believed that Jesus can do anything. I would like Jesus to go on holding my hand till the day I die. I will love Jesus to help me achieve my dream. I love singing, that’s my talent.

Persis W. Form 1P

In my life knowing Jesus has helped me a lot. He has given me life and also helped my life because now I can believe that there is a friend who never leaves you. He will always be with you in darkness and light. In time of fears and sorrows he will never leave you. He is not like human beings that will leave you when you have problems. My vision is that when I grow up I want to be a believer of Jesus and form organizations which will help other people to believe in Jesus. I also want to be a servant of God and serve God.

Joy B. N. Form 1P

I have learned that Jesus is not just part of my life but the source of it. I have learnt that he would go to any extent to reveal to me his love. Knowing Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me. Knowing him has made me understand what true love and friendship is. I have also known how to depend on and be open to him. It has made me even more curious to know more about him, to know and understand why I was created. It has been great to understand that even when others saw my faults, he saw my need. Even when I was not faithful to him he stayed faithful to me.

Olive K. Form 4G

My vision is based on God. He always blessed who asked for the blessing and answer every prayer that we pray. As Matthew 7:7 says, Ask and it will be given unto you, Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open unto you. That is why my vision is to seek Jesus more and more each day. I pray each day that I do things to his likes and not upset him with my wrong doing. I pray to God to always walk with me through this world which always seems to bring us down. I know and believe that God is with me and I will study hard and get good grades. I will go to Egerton University and study Mechanical Engineering and open a company of my own.

Christine W. M. Form 4G

I had my mother only but my father died when I was young. I had brothers and sisters they were good to me. My sister was taking me to the hospital. I was with kwashiorkor (severe protein malnutrition) in my life when I was young. Then they carried me to church to pray for my problem to be solved by God. God is merciful to all people in this world and provides our needs. Because his words encourage me in my life to go on with life and be courageous to all people.

Naomi K. Form 1G

I and my family we have been trusting in Jesus and believing him as our personal Saviour. My family have been struggling to look for food, shelter, clothes and security. I and my family we have been staying with peace, happiness and joy, because we all trust in God. Knowing Jesus helped my life when I was in trouble. I prayed and prayed and Jesus answered all my prayers. Knowing Jesus helps me because I have been staying with peace.

Rachael T. M. Form 1G

I started going to church the day I was baptized. I go to church every Sunday. I like going to church because I want to know God more and to keep him in my heart. In my church I am a brigadier, and to become a brigadier one should be a follower of Jesus Christ and trusting in God. I know Jesus as my personal saviour and I will always love Jesus. God is everything to me. I started with God and I will never give up God. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Sharon N. Form 1G

There was a time that I was angry with Jesus. I did not read his book for a week because I looked at my family seeing how it was broken into pieces. I used to hide in my room asking him to help us, telling him why is he doing this to us. I called to him many times until I decided to read his words again. After reading his word I felt that someone touched me and told me that I have heard you and know the pain you are going through and I am here to help you. When he told me those words I started telling my family to put their faith and belief that Jesus can do. He died on the cross for our sin. He will help us go through the hardship that we have. And from that day my family and I our life changed from that day.

Esther N. G. Form 2K

When I was in primary school my mother died and after that life was so hard to me. I started living with my grandmother. My grandmother was not that rich, so she went from house to house looking for a job so that she can get money to feed me and pay my school fees. We usually sleep without eating anything. When I finished primary school I was worried because my grandmother had no money to pay my secondary school. So I started crying to God, why is he doing this to me? But one day I knew that God was real and I got saved. And God sent an angel to pay my school fees. So I know that God is a powerful God.

Mercy N. Form 2K

Jesus has been faithful to me that each and every thing I pray for he will answer if I will have faith and trust in him. My vision in my life is to become a nurse in future because there are many people who are suffering out here and because each and every one of us was created in the image and likeness of God.

Mercy M. M. Form 1H

My sister is eight years old but she had not yet joined school because of what happened to her. She got burned on her head. She was suffering a lot, even I wished that it was me who got burned instead of my sister. She had gone for many surgeries. She had traveled to many hospitals. Now my sister is at home staying with my mum. I pray to God that my sister is going to feel well. I was praying but God did not listen to my prayer. I gave up in life because my sister was suffering and my mum did not have money to return her to hospital. Today in Kanjeru Girls High School I have learned Jesus is our personal saviour. Knowing Jesus and loving him you may live an eternal life. If not for Jesus my sister would have died but he saved my sister.

Margaret N. K. Form 1H

My life before coming to Kanjeru School was very hopeless and I didn’t know whether I would come to school and be the same as my friends. My mother had already lost her hope but I kept believing that God would open the gates for me and that is what happened. Knowing Jesus has helped my life by helping me to overcome fear and also to believe that Jesus is the giver of everything. When I am down, I just go on my knees and pray to Jesus and when I’m praying, I feel this strong belief of Jesus and I am able to cope all my challenges. Now that I am saved, I really do believe that Jesus is the key to life.

Mercy W. G. Form 1H

I was weak spiritually and so was my family. My mom and dad always wake up early and go to work in their small kiosk. Wishing to provide for us, they work so early every time and sleep so late. They don’t go to church, no we don’t go to church but when I joined this school I started seeing the light of God. Being born in my family was not an easy task. I had to bear all the problems with my parents. One time we slept outside, we lived in a house that allows rain into the house and also received insults from our neighbors just because we were poor.

The most painful thing in my heart is that I used to witness my parents fight and throw blows in front of me. I used to wash clothes, cook, clean the house and also wake up early to join my dad at the kiosk. My dad was the strictest man I ever know, a slightest mistake and I would get punishment and beating. When I grew older I learnt to get used to it.

However, when I got a scholarship from Nendeni Outreach Programme to join Kanjeru Booth High I got to interact with teachers, donors and counsellors. I got a new change in my life. The school is to preach about Jesus to develop all around students like me into knowing Jesus and be able to achieve what we deserve through faith and HOPE.

Pauline M. Form 4K

Students from this school don’t need to be pushed to serve God for we really value him and put him first, and that’s why I like this school a lot. Knowing Jesus in my life has really helped me for once I dedicate my problems and wishes to him, I do feel so much relieved. I cannot bear beginning or ending a single day without having talked to God. I really do love him and glorify his name.

Judy W. K. Form 4K

Jesus is always with me, he has never given up on me; no matter how many times I fall down he always picks me up. Jesus gives me peace in my life and day. Even when I am sad or lonely he shows up to me in many ways to make me feel happy and smile. Jesus answers me every time I call for him. Jesus has never disappointed me or let me down.

Gloria L. Form 4K

In Kanjeru I’ve learned that Jesus is always faithful and to forgive us all of the sins we have committed. I’ve also learned that Jesus is my strength and all he wants from me is trust and obedience. Knowing Jesus has helped me in knowing what God wants me to do in life and also put my past behind me and start a new life with Him.

Blessing A. Form 3G

I knew Jesus through my parents who have been on the lookout. At first, when I was young I kept asking questions: Who is God? Who is Jesus? What is the Holy Spirit? If God is the father and Jesus is the son, why don’t I see them in church? But my parents gave me a story which made me love this God, this Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, as they listed all of their characteristics. One of the things that captured me was that God (father) sent Jesus (his son) to die for my sins. Then Jesus (the son) left us with the Holy Spirit as a guide.

Since I knew Jesus, a lot of things have happened in my life. First, I had difficulties when it came to school issues. My parents’ income dropped drastically, making it hard for them to pay school fees. I’ve been sent home to get school fees many times. Those problems I then related to those of Jesus. Him being persecuted, rejected and all sorts of things, didn’t hinder him from finishing his work here on earth. What helped him was the inner faith that he heard. When Jesus healed people, he asked people to have faith and all shall end well. Faith helped me and now I’m here in school and I’ve never been sent out of school.

Esther N. M. Form 3G

I know Jesus ever since he healed my sister who was suffering from tuberculosis, also coughing blood. There was a time when I lost hope when she was admitted to MP Shah hospital in westlands. She almost died but we prayed together as a family and Jesus came to our rescue. She is now much better. I remember the times that I would cry asking God to heal my sister and also I told my mom and dad to have faith. Suddenly Jesus came to our rescue and saved my very beautiful sister.

Monicah W. Form 3G

The Bible always motivates me when I am heartbroken and when I want to give up. I just take the bible and read the word of God, and I feel relieved, as in renewed, as in I am born again.

Eunice W. N. Form 1S

The reason why I want to become a doctor to treat the sick, because I have seen children dying because there are not enough doctors. The second reason is to fight for their rights. Some children may be refused to give food by their parents. Others are abandoned by their real parents. Many children are not given right to education. Education is the key to life. My vision is to be a neurosurgeon. I know I will achieve my vision as long as God is everything to me. He is the one who gives life. He will answer my prayer.

Sarah W. Form 1S

I didn’t give up on my way to find Jesus Christ. I can say that Jesus Christ is everything to me. If not for Jesus I would not be the one I am today and I wouldn’t be alive because I was about to die. Yes the devil tried to break down my faith and hope. He tempted me but I was enough fulfilled with a strong belief and I had assurance to hope in God things that would happen in my life. God is everything in my life and I will never leave him.

Caroline M. W. Form 1S