Kanjeru Booth Girls High School of Excellence

My vision in future is to be an interior designer. Jesus will help me because faith in Jesus can help me in every step I make to my future. He will be there because of my strong belief in him. As he said, let all the children come to me, meaning that I am a child of God and he will be there for me to attain my future. He will be there to help me assist my parents.

Caroline O. 1B

Some Sundays I just go to church not knowing the true reason why I had to go to church. My big brother is a pastor. He is the one who encouraged my faith.

I joined Kanjeru School in 2021. I was so excited to be in this school. Then I met this friend of mine who was so into Jesus. I was like, whatever, why do I really need Jesus, for what reason? So this friend of mine told me the only friend that you can have here on earth is Jesus. So this left me wondering and I had lots of questions in mind. Do I love Jesus? Why do I go to church? Why do I need Jesus? So this captured my attention a lot.

One Sunday I was feeling so tired and I did not want to go to church. I just woke up and dressed up and went to church. I sat down at the corner. I felt like there was something telling me that you really need to love Jesus. So I moved to the first row at church. I prayed and prayed, I spoke in tongues and that never happened before. The pastor preached a sermon about “giving your life to Christ.” This sermon encouraged me a lot. Then thirty minutes before time he asked who wants to be born again. I did not stand, then he asked again. I told myself that I really do have to accept Christ. I went, I bowed down, he prayed, and when I rose up there was my brother. He hugged me and I did not know what happened but I began to cry. Knowing Jesus and accepting him in life has been good.

Faith W. K. Form 3K