Jessica Katumba

Hello, my name is Jessica. I am from Uganda and I am 49 years old. I was in the African Children’s Choir 1. I was born into a polygamous family. I had 24 siblings.

I love Jesus so much. The reason why I love Jesus is that He has brought me from far. As I was growing up at an age of 10 years, my parents used to go to an Anglican church, but at night they would worship other small gods (witchcraft). All of my siblings were good singers, so we were in the church choir but we didn’t know the Lord.

So, at the age of 10, one of my brothers passed away. In that process of losing my brother that was taking care of me, I went into the hands of another, my older brother, who knew the Lord. So, he introduced me to Jesus and I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. I got involved in church and was very active in the Sunday school choir. I was very zealous in music, and this is where my story with the Africans Children’s Choir began.

The people that were doing the auditions with the African Children’s Choir came to my church (Masaka Full Gospel Church) and they were looking for children that could sing. Because I was active in Sunday school, I was chosen to be in the very first African Children’s Choir in 1984.

So my journey with Christ has been a very interesting one. Going to school, high school, college, and university, was smooth because of Him and the help of the Choir.

I love this man Jesus, because he did not let me wander off. I praise the Lord because I didn’t get involved in things that young people do, not because I wasn’t seeing them, but I thought Jesus would not love this. I wanted to do things that glorified Jesus. This was not out of my strength but God helped me, so I bless him so much.

I love Jesus also because He loved me, He’s given me a family, I am working, and the Lord has been gracious. The Lord has been good. I’m not saying that there have not been any valleys or mountains, it has not been all smooth, but He has been there.

He has never left me like the Bible says, that I’ll never leave you or forsake you. Or if you’re going through the fire and the waters, I’ll be there. I have seen Him. He’s been there in every situation.

You know it’s been a faith journey. There are times when you need school fees for children and other needs, and with your naked eye you can’t see anything. But then I learnt that God is working in the background. At the end of it all, every need has been met. So I bless the Lord so much for who He has been in my life.

As a young girl they taught me this song, and it’s making sense now that I am big. The song goes like this:

I’m so glad that the Lord saved me. I’m so glad that the Lord saved me. If it hadn’t been for Jesus, where would I be? I’m so glad that the Lord saved me.

If I should boast in anything, it has been the Lord, that has been there and will be there until the end.

So that’s the reason why I love Jesus.

Thank you.

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