Horizon House Peer Recovery Center

by Denise Rodriguez

I was offered the job as Director of Horizon House, starting a new program to help people that are homeless, dealing with addiction, and mental health issues. I really fought against it. I didn’t really want to take on that job. I felt like the responsibility was going to be too much for me. I think it’s because I was so comfortable doing the job that I had. I loved my supervisor and I was just comfortable.

But sometimes you have to be uncomfortable and experience new things. God had other plans for me. So I did accept the job and I was able to start this program. I was not only able to start a program to help other people, I was also able to hire peers just like me to help run the program. Peers that are ex-addicts, people that are in recovery from substance abuse, and people with mental health issues. I was even able to hire someone that used to sell drugs.

Each one of us has a story, and I love it. We bring so much to the table when we’re all very different but very much alike.

We get to help many people on a daily basis. We feed people, we clothe people, we make sure that even if you’re homeless, you can look good and feel good about yourself. We have this saying where we like our people to look “bougie,” have some nice clean clothes and a nice pair of shoes on your feet. No matter where you are in life, you still need to feel good about yourself.  You still need to look good and feel good.

We at the Horizon House are such a wonderful team. Every day it’s a God-like experience. We get to witness many miracles at the Horizon House. People come off the streets, find jobs, are no longer homeless, and get into treatment. I’m a testimony that I get to witness many miracles on a daily basis.

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