Firm Foundation Recovery

by Zachary Bib

The mission that lit us on fire for Firm Foundation Recovery is a three part mission. Our primary purpose is to build Delaware’s first long term residential recovery Center for 24 women and 30 men. It’ll be the first three-to-six month absolutely free residential recovery center for those who have tried other short term models that go against the physical science of addiction.

It takes 90 days of abstinence before your brain can even function; so this model fits the brain science, and the mental science, and the spiritual facts of addiction. Then residents will leave the residential recovery center and go into servitude living, where you have to serve first, serve your community, and serve in your local church before you can work to get a grasp on your spiritual gifting and spiritual identity.

Serving is on the back end of what the continuum of care would call community support and recovery. Treatment is not recovery. Recovery is getting back something that was lost or stolen, and that’s our identity. Addiction is a worldly identity, a broken identity, and recovery takes time. It’s a 9 to 12 month process.

So when people leave the residential recovery center, God has already put us in position to help them through COVID treatment settings. We serve and distribute literature in 34 treatment settings in four different States: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. These initiatives offer service opportunities that are already in place.

Peer initiatives are one of the things Firm Foundation does without a facility. We disciple men through 12 step fellowship and create service opportunities for those that want the blessing of service. We’ve seen lives change through that service. We also do six free family and community events a year as part one of our prevention program for the disease of addiction.

Treatment is not recovery. Recovery is getting back something that was lost or stolen, and that’s our identity.

The enemy has no chance in community. The larger the event, the more truth and the more love are there in one place – there’s no chance for the enemy. We invite all avenues of recovery: church, community, all resources to engage those most in need. We’ve touched over 50,000 people in the last three years. We’ve hosted over 70 events, and these events will continue. These events will be statewide, six in each county per year, to have a healthy outlet for people to connect without pressure and for the Holy Spirit to do what He does.

We have written grants, God willing. We just heard back yesterday on three of them from the Opioid Abatement Act. We trust in God for provision. We’re actually starting our first developmental (how we develop in the world as people) prevention program targeting middle school age kids. That will be the second part of the prevention program in our state.

Delaware does not have one prevention program statewide. What they have are symptom-based prevention programs that are sporadic, and there’s not one utilizing middle schools. There’s a lot of programs that go into high schools when kids already need a level of care. These high school students are being pushed toward symptom treatments with medicine to treat their spiritual problem, but we know kids develop a lot earlier than that. We’ve developed a simple prevention program for middle school. We’re excited about it.

So if you want to contribute, or you want to help, or find out where you can serve, or how you can participate on any level, you can go to You can go download our sponsorship eBook and contribute anywhere from a $100,000 community partner all the way down to a $1.00 a year donation. If everyone in Delaware donated $1.00 a year this extended level of care will be available in six months. The facility could be constructed within nine months. A dollar per year –  less than a cup of coffee for every Delaware resident would make it happen. Thank you.

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