Beatrice Sakuda

I woke up one day and I realized there were many things about my life I was not satisfied with. Better still, I said to myself, “Why should anyone envy me and want to be in my shoes?”

Jesus on the cross was sent to set me free.

I became a Sunday school teacher and I was teaching about the birth of Jesus, his teenage life, and crucifixion. That’s when the Lord spoke to me that I should have no limitations. I now live a life of favour in the rescue centre with so many beautiful girls. We’ve never gone to bed hungry. They never lack school fees and everything we need. And that’s why am still rescuing girls in Maasailand.

Pictured below are the girls with friends from the U.S.

Through faith I have four big and nice dormitories, a dining room, a kitchen, and 105 beautiful and focused girls.

Through faith Stuart Ross came to our rescue centre, and we’ve received many blessings through The Outreach Foundation. Many children gave their lives to Jesus and to date my life has never been the same again. There was no water in our village but now I supply water to neighboring homes and institutions.

I love Jesus.

Editor’s Note: The Why I Love jesus team led a faith sharing workshop for 77 girls at the Olosho-Oior Girls Rescue Centre in June, 2022. Here is a link to their stories and artworks. Girls Rescue Center page.

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Brandon Robinson

Brandon Robinson

I remember being in church and going up to the altar and crying. I was so tired of the life I was living. I needed help. I felt a sense of peace at that time and knew that if this Jesus thing can work for some of these other guys, then it can definitely work for me.

Anne Joo

Anne Joo

We attended church but maintained a passive religious life. Our family had been going to church and proclaiming, “Jesus is our Savior and Lord,” with our mouths only. It seemed that my heart was gradually drifting away from God.