Alice Wanjiku Gichira

Hello, my name is Alice. I’m saved. I love Jesus as my personal savior. I’m married. We are blessed with two girls, Esther and Sarah. While growing up, I was brought up in background where we were not going to church that much; we were going once in a while.

But when I got married in 2003, my mother-in-law was the one who was very serious in church. When we were blessed with the first-born child, she went to church and told the elder that we are blessed with a child. So, I had to go for a class to become a full member in the Presbyterian Church. Also, my child was baptized, and my mother-in-law was very strong in faith. She was praying for us and fasting each and every day for every child. She taught me a lot about church by watching the way she was faithful.

I kept on praying about my family back at home where I was raised, and I thank God my mum now is a strong believer. My siblings also go to church, and they are very strong. I’m thankful to God because of my mother-in-law. I’m able to teach my children about God. My first daughter is 19 years old. She is saved. The other one is 12 and she saved. We are strong in the Lord and back at home we know that children are gifts from God.

God gives us children so that we may bring them up in the way they should grow. He is the one who helps us every week at home.

Every Wednesday we have a devotion and every day before sleeping, we have to pray. In this life, we may have challenges, but we have to put our faith in God. When you lack something, just trust God: He makes a way.

One day we had nothing. At the house my girls were asking, “What are we going to eat today?” But I told them, “You Know what, God will come.” When you tell an unbeliever that, they wonder what you are saying. But if you believe in God, if you have faith in God, God comes. A friend of mine came. I hadn’t told her that I don’t have something that day, but she came with everything that I needed. I told my girls, “You see, God came.”

My faith is also strengthening their faith; so I trust God. My first-born child, when she was joining high school, we also didn’t have money. But I trusted God. Someone also came through with school fees and she completed her high school. She is now in university. In university we also didn’t have the first school fees, and we had to pay the full amount. A friend of mine called Beverly kept on telling me, “You are afraid because of money. Don’t be afraid because of money.” I had half of the fees, and she gave me half. My daughter just completed her first year.

So, I just put my faith in Jesus. I trust him and it is my prayer that my children and the entire community will know Jesus because of my faith. Our salvation should not be only our own. We should encourage other people.

Teach them the Word of God. If it is a sin, don’t encourage someone. Tell that somebody, “A sin is a sin, and you should not do this.” Show them the way. If you don’t tell them the truth, you will be asked why didn’t you tell them the truth. Tell them the truth. If they hear, well and good. It is good to stand firm.

If you are trusting God for something, just wait on Him. Sometimes it will take time. But everything that comes around God does it with a reason. You don’t know why but don’t ask yourself many questions. Put your trust in God. I’m happy because one of my friends didn’t know how to tithe. I was telling her that the Word of God says that when you tithe God will remove everything that comes to steal your money. If it is sicknesses, if it is something where you can lose your money, God will bring protection. If you tithe you feel very comfortable, and you will never lack. If you have Jesus in your life, you will never lack. He will always make a way. So, we should put our trust in Him. I have seen Him. He’s a faithful God, yes.

About salvation, we should be faithful. Where we are working right now, we get paid. The employer is working hard to get the salaries to pay us. And when she pays us our salaries, she doesn’t give us that money late. She gives our salaries on time. And when we are here, our employer is not around all the time. So, we should take care of the properties because while you are working somewhere and you are employed, you should not work for that person – you should work for God. And when you work for God, the one who has employed you will enjoy the fruits.

While we are here, we take care of her properties. I treat those properties like my own, and you should not hide anything because you will be reminded what you did at the judgment day. You will be judged. So make sure that you are faithful. While you are doing a bad thing, you should know that even your children will reap. Why then do something that will come back to you? Whatever you plant, you will sow. If you plant a good thing it will come to you back so. You should be faithful In every area.

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