Your Faith Story Matters

Why I Love Jesus: Sharing My Faith Story

We are a global nonprofit Community of ordinary Christians of all ages and cultures who share our love of Jesus by sharing personal faith stories. We offer guidance for sharing your faith story with others.

Featured Faith Stories

Every month we select three faith stories to showcase. You may read one and think, “This happened to me,” or “Wow! If Jesus helped this person, maybe he can help me.

Look for more stories on the Faith Stories page and check out the Kids’ Page for some awesome children’s illustrated stories.

Wanda Maiden

Wanda Maiden

This past year I found a black dot on my thumbnail that looked like a pencil point. Nothing much to it. Then it became an abrasion at the end of my nail. My doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who found it to be malignant skin cancer.

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Barbara M.

Barbara M.

At that point I said, “I can’t do this myself. It’s in your hands, God.” That part I remember clearly. It turns out that it was really, really was up to Him (and a good surgeon).

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Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson

So when drugs and alcohol came around, it was easy for me to say “yes,” because I didn’t have anything in me saying “no” anymore. As I got more involved with drugs, I got into more crime. I started committing violent crimes, selling drugs, abusing drugs ended up back up in prison.

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Everyone has aStory to Tell

Does a relationship with Jesus make your life better?

Did a life crisis draw you closer to Jesus?

Has your faith grown over time?


Are you seeking evidence Jesus is real?

Do you want to learn how Jesus changes lives?

Our Mission

Our mission is to help ordinary Christians become comfortable sharing personal faith stories. We believe a relationship with Jesus has blessed our lives and that Jesus calls us to reach out to the least, the last, and the lost in the world. We also wish to help guide seekers and non-Christians to a relationship with Jesus by sharing the faith stories of ordinary Christians. In addition to the resources posted on this website, we offer workshops and conference retreats for youth and adults interested in sharing their faith stories.



Writing Worksheets

Drawing and writing worksheets are provided to guide participants through a step-by-step process of writing concise personal testimonies. Let’s begin writing and sharing your faith story.

Tips on Sharing Your Faith Story

Whether you’re age 16 or 86, you have a unique faith story to share. God created you to shine like a light to the world; to share the love of Jesus with those who are lonely, hungry, sick, in prison, and weighed down by failure. Your story matters.

Tips on Growing Your Faith

Let’s be honest, the pressures of family, friends, work, school, and even church, can be overwhelming and exhausting. There often doesn’t seem to be spare time to spend with the Lord. Good news! Here’s a plan to grow your faith on the run!


Participants in a recent Introduction to Sharing My Faith Story workshop are guided through an easy, three-step exercise in writing their faith stories. Those who feel comfortable are invited to share with the group. Free professional editing is offered to all workshop attendees.